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Q. I want to order photos taken at a recent event. How do I do that?

A. Click here to order online


Q. I want to order photos but can't find them online. Can you help?

A. Yes, click here 

Q. Where are your Policies, Terms and Conditions, Public Liability Insurance, PAT Certificate and Risk Assessment?
A. Photography click here

A. Photo Booth click here

Q. How much does it cost to book a Big Image photographer for an event?
A. Generally speaking - nothing. We do not charge the event host to attend an event providing that there will be sufficient numbers to make it viable for us. Our revenue comes from selling photos to families, performers, guests or competitors. For events or shoots where it is not possible for us to sell photos in that way we will be very happy to discuss a fixed fee.

Q. What size photographs do you produce on the day of the event?
A. We print 6” x 9” images at the event which are presented in one of our stylish photo mounts. We offer other sizes on request.

Q. How much do you charge for your photos at an event?
A. We charge £15 for a standard 6" x 9" photo.

Q. As the event organiser, do we need to supply anything at the event?
A. No, we supply everything required for the event.

Q. As the event organiser, can we pay for photographs in advance so that every guest/competitor receives a 'free' photograph?
A. Yes, we can agree in advance a discounted price for a number of photographs before the event.

Q. Does the photographer need to view the venue before the event?
A. If your event is unusual the photographer will visit it in advance to discuss your requirements. For the vast majority of events this is unnecessary; the photographer will arrive in good time on the day and choose how and where to set up.


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